Shared Support, Inc. was founded in April 2005 on the belief that adults and children living with intellectual and developmental disabilities are not defined by their diagnosis and, with the proper support, are able to achieve their dreams and become valued members of their communities.



To support the dreams of people with disabilities and their families. Because everyone has a unique dream or hope for the future.

To teach new skills and develop supports for each individual to reach towards their desired lifestyle. While people with disabilities have dreams and desires they are also challenged with disability related barriers. At Shared Support, Inc. we assist people to achieve new abilities as well as to develop supports and unique services that strive to assist people to achieve their personally desired outcomes.

To facilitate the contribution of people with disabilities in their chosen community. When people contribute, they come valued members of our society. When a person contributes to their world they can feel the pride of growth and achievement and acceptance in their community.



Efforts and measurements are fundamental throughout our service delivery and we measure our organizational success through the attainment of each individual’s chosen outcomes. We believe we are successful when we have supported someone in discovering how they wish to live their life through concretely developing and attaining their personal outcomes.

Throughout every service offered, our organizational structure places resources and power closest to the person supported, as well as with the people who care about and support the individual, in order to make choices and decisions about services, resources and support. We believe that the development of the person’s Support Circle is key to physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as to their overall continued success. The Circle is responsible to listen to the person in an attempt to understand their desired lifestyle and to plan and accept duties and responsibilities in order to participate in the life of the focus person.



WE VALUE everyone’s gifts. Our gifts are what make us unique. Everyone has the capacity to contribute something through work, volunteerism, and participation in groups and organizations. People with disabilities need support to gain the necessary skills so they may contribute to the work, joys and traditions of their community.

WE VALUE creativity. We believe every direct support professional, consumer, family, friend, neighbor, county partner, manager, director and board member has creative capacity to share. Working together in circles of support encourages the creative process.

WE VALUE every individual’s circle of support. Friends, family and other important people whose only agenda is the best interest of the focus person. We value the information, support, increased natural monitoring for health and safety, as well as the community connections that every family member or friend can share with the focus person and our organization.

WE VALUE our role as partners with the family and friends in planning and achieving each individual’s chosen lifestyle.

WE VALUE people’s dreams and believe it is our role to facilitate a path of learning, growth, problem solving and choice making.

WE VALUE each individual’s path towards a dream and accept that everyone fails; it is our role to support the learning that can occur when mistakes are made, go back to the drawing board and begin again. Sometimes we fulfill our fondest desires. Most people, however, usually get a piece of their dream. They try, they succeed, and they fail, and revise their dream. People should decide for themselves when their dream has become unrealistic and unattainable.



Person Centered Supports are the cornerstone of a quality life for the people who choose Shared Support.

Everyone desires a meaningful life. A full life is complete with authority and control over big decisions, as well as smaller concerns:

What is your favorite breakfast?

What don't you like to eat?

Where do you want to live?

Who do you want to live with?

What will your days look like?

What kind of people, places and things are important to you?

How can we all grow and contribute to our community?

Is this still working for you?

Person centered planning tools are used to listen to people, as listening is key to developing personal outcomes. Once the focus person and the important people in their lives have identified a vision, action plans and supports are developed in pursuit of a unique and meaningful life.

People have a circle of support that they have chosen to help them direct their lives. Circles include friends, family members, roommates and paid professionals from Shared Support and other organizations. The circle contributes to a monthly discussion about what is working and what is not working for the focus person and promotes continuous, proactive support planning to assure the person's programming is dynamic and effective. Progress towards personal outcomes and participation in identified people, places and things are discussed.  New strategies and action plans are developed. The circle actively pursues people's dreams and makes important decisions. The person's circle achieves the mission of Shared Support!